Weibo More Dominant In China Than Twitter In The West

According to Hitwise, Sina Microblog (or Sina Weibo) accounted for 1 in every 158 Internet visits in China for April 2011. This makes China one of the most voracious micro-blogging nations worldwide, with a greater market share of visits going to microblogging sites in China than in the UK, US, France, Canada, Australia or India. With the knowledge that Sina Weibo have been rolling out new features such as an instant messaging service, and an English UI iPhone app, you should be less surprised by this news. It’s now seeming even more likely that Weibo could surpass Twitter by the end of this year.

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IMAX Opening Over 100 New Cinemas In China Over The Next Few Years

For those of us living in China, I’ve got some great news. It seems that IMAX popularity has grown so much that deals have been made to build over 177 new IMAX cinemas throughout China over the next few years. This spike in popularity of IMAX in China was largely due to the release of Avatar last summer, which was HUGELY successful with over US$ 207 Million in sales. The craziest thing about this is that there were only 445 IMAX theaters last year, meaning that nearly 1/3 of all IMAX theaters will eventually be located in China.

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China To Surpass Japan In Research & Development Spending

China hasn’t always been the most “innovative” when it comes to tech, but according to the people smarter than I at Battelle R&D Magazine they’re throwing some serious money at the issue. R&D Magazine has projected that China will overtake Japan on the list of countries with the largest Gross Domestic Expenditures on R&D (GERD), with a whopping 153.7 MILLION BILLION US DOLLARS. This puts China second only to the US in R&D, but unfortunately it seems that most of the funds are set aside to develop manufacturing technology. As if they need more factories…

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The Worlds First “True” Projector Phone Shows Up in Shenzhen (Video!)

The world’s first bona fide projector phone has shown up on the streets of the Shanzhai Captial of the world. If you want a peek at what the future cell phones could look like then you’ve got to check this out.