A Look at the CiPhone Pro and iPhone 4 Side By Side (Video)

The CiPhone Pro is one of the more anticipated Shanzhai iPhone 4 clones to be hitting the market soon, and for good reason. It ACTUALLY looks almost identical to the iPhone, and runs pretty damn smooth as well. Only thing that’s doesn’t look the same is the price tag — and we’re happy about that. Here’s a look at the CiPhone Pro side by side with the iPhone 4.

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Ciphone Pro Hands-On Video!

The people over at Chinese tech blog digibusy have gotten their hands on the much anticipated Ciphone Pro. They were kind enough to make some videos showing off the phone’s capabilities, and we’ve got em for you here!

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The Latest iPhone 4 Clone – The Ciphone Pro

Although other smartphones are gaining popularity in China, the iPhone 4 hasn’t lost any steam. Good news for iPhone clones. They’re flying out of Shenzhen faster than Husain Bolt on steroids…and they’re better than ever. Introducing the CiPhone Pro, the latest decent attempt at a shanzhai iPhone 4. We’ve been watching this one for a few weeks, and can now finally bring you its full specs.