Sina Weibo iPhone App Now Available In English!

The most recent update of Sina Weibo’s iPhone app gives users the option English interface. Sina has clearly caught on that their site has the potential to become an international hit, with American celebrities like Tom Cruise signing up. Many foreign Twitter users, including yours truly, are now considering a full switch from Twitter to Weibo.

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iPhone 4 Nano Spotted!

Remember that DIY iPod Nano some guy made in China? The guys at GizChina got their hands-on a sweet nano version of the iPhone 4. Now this isn’t the rumored budget iPhone we’ve been hearing about, but it still is a pretty awesome knockoff. Craziest thing is that this little gem will only run you about RMB380 (~US$ 58), and that’s with only a tad bit of bargaining.

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What Will The Future iWorld Be Like With iPhone 44G? (Video)

Every year in June for the last few years Apple has released a new iPhone like clock work at WWDC. Although it seems they may not be this year I still have confidence that in 40 years, the iPhone 44 will be released. Charlie Custer, resident geek at The World of Chinese, and ChinaGeeks blogger, found an amazing video of what the iWorld will be like at that point in the future. You’ll be shocked at how awesome/awful the future seems.

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A Look at the CiPhone Pro and iPhone 4 Side By Side (Video)

The CiPhone Pro is one of the more anticipated Shanzhai iPhone 4 clones to be hitting the market soon, and for good reason. It ACTUALLY looks almost identical to the iPhone, and runs pretty damn smooth as well. Only thing that’s doesn’t look the same is the price tag — and we’re happy about that. Here’s a look at the CiPhone Pro side by side with the iPhone 4.

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ZTE’s Apple Peel is Sprinting to the States Nov. 14th! (Updated)

It’s been revealed that Sprint will be releasing ZTE‘s version of Yosion’s Apple Peel 520 in the US on Sunday, November 14th. There’s no information on how much the actual device will cost, but it will be available with a 1GB date-plan, contract free, for $29.99 a month. That’s right…data plan. ZTE’s version of the Peel will bless any generation iPod Touch with 3G service, thereby turning it into a full fledged smartphone . In theory, you should be able to use the ZTE Peel 3200 on any network you please. Please do enjoy the fruits of Chinese labor.

Update: Sprint will be offering the ZTE Peel for $80. Also, the Peel can support one other device with Wi-Fi, so it’s perfect for those out there with a Netbook of Tablet.

Sources: BGR via Engadget

Chinese Government Admits “iPad Tax Too High”

A couple weeks ago we told you about how China’s Customs taxing iPhone and iPad owners at the border. The 1000 RMB (US$ 150) tax brought outrage from tourists and Chinese netizens alike who were taxed even if they were able to prove that they were clearly not attempting to resell the devices. Enforcement of this tax seems to have mainly been concentrated on the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, but the Department of Customs has said that it applies to entry nation wide. The Ministry of Commerce has released a statement admitting that “taxation on the iPad has been too high”. They plan to hold a press conference soon, hopefully to announce changes to the policy. Until then be prepared to pay up.

Source: 91 Mobile

iFans Attacked/Embraced by Apple Employees at iPhone 4 Release!

The wait is over for many Apple fans who today were FINALLY able to officially purchase the iPhone 4! Thousands of excited iFans lined up to be the first in China to be blessed with gods Steve Jobs latest tech for the iLife.

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iPhone 4 To Be Released in China…Finally

Some good news in the World of Chinese Apple lovers! The Chinese Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center has just granted Apple’s iPhone 4 with Wi-Fi capability a network access license. Basically, this means that the official version of the Chinese iPhone 4 can now go in to production and could hit the shelves in stores across China as early as sometime in Mid-September.