Chinese Authorities Crackdown on Shanzhai in Shenzhen (Video)

It’s been reported that there was a crackdown on Shanzhai phone factories last week in Shenzhen. The authorities confiscated more than 4800 Shanzhai phones and 8000 units of other Shanzhai hardware. 9 people were also arrested in the raids for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement. Could this be the beginning of the end for Shanzhai knockoffs?

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A Look at the CiPhone Pro and iPhone 4 Side By Side (Video)

The CiPhone Pro is one of the more anticipated Shanzhai iPhone 4 clones to be hitting the market soon, and for good reason. It ACTUALLY looks almost identical to the iPhone, and runs pretty damn smooth as well. Only thing that’s doesn’t look the same is the price tag — and we’re happy about that. Here’s a look at the CiPhone Pro side by side with the iPhone 4.

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More Shanzhai Fighter Jets?

It seems that there’s a new development in China’s never ending plight to clone everything they set their eyes on. If you look closely at they’re newly “developed” Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter you’ll notice that the inspiration comes from the American F-22 Raptor stealth fighter. Unlike the Shenyang J-15 Flying Sharkthe copy of the Russion Sukhoi SU-33 — the J-20 is larger and therefore most likely less agile than it’s genuine counterpart. I just hope, for the pilot’s sake, that they aren’t cutting costs on their Shanzhai weaponry doesn’t as they do with their tablets and smartphones.

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The Latest iPhone 4 Clone – The Ciphone Pro

Although other smartphones are gaining popularity in China, the iPhone 4 hasn’t lost any steam. Good news for iPhone clones. They’re flying out of Shenzhen faster than Husain Bolt on steroids…and they’re better than ever. Introducing the CiPhone Pro, the latest decent attempt at a shanzhai iPhone 4. We’ve been watching this one for a few weeks, and can now finally bring you its full specs.


The HTC HD2 and the HOT HD9 – Which Is Which?

It’s become obvious that HTC’s popularity has begun to grow in China with the release of some of their latest smartphones on to the market here. This has been reflected in the amount of knockoff HTC phones we’re starting to see. Like with the iPhone 4, in China the more popular the product, the more clones Shanzhai manufacturers try to make. The HOT HD9 — a new HTC HD2 knockoff — is a perfect example of this trend. If the rumored specs are true, it packs a serious punch too.


Chinese Take Shanzhai To New Heights…Literally

I’m not sure if I’ve ever said this before, but to be completely honest I really do love some of the Shanzhai products that hit the market. I appreciate what the reverse-engineers and manufacturers are trying to do — even if they fail more often than not — but these latest knockoffs are just ridiculous. FIGHTER JETS….WTF!?

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Introuducing the DroiPad, the iPhone 4 for Giants

Introuducing the DroiPad, Shenzhen’s latest iPad clone. That’s right, DroiPad. It seems that Chinese manufacturers have gotten sick of the million other names they’ve been naming their Shanzhai iProducts (aPad, HiPad, etc) and have begun a new trend. The creators of the DroiPad also added a bit of a twist to their tablet.


Shanzhai Gadget Teaches Your Toddler How to Text, Blackberry Style

The Chinese came up with one of the world’s original teaching tools thousands of years ago (i.e. writing), and now they’ve come up with a slightly more modern one. This gadget may look like Blackberry, but it’s in fact a simple water toy like the ones popular in the 80′s. It’s the perfect tool for getting your toddlers used to texting. Good idea to get them started young, as it’ll probably be the only form of communication they’ll be using once they hit age 12.

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Introducing the F10, Bares an Uncanny Resemblance to the Sony Ericsson X10

The F10 smartphone is even more proof that Chinese Shanzhai phone manufacturers aren’t scared of anyone. In this case, it’s Sony Ericsson who’s getting shown the middle-finger by the boys and girls in Shenzhen.

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Shenzhen Manufacturers Are Training Better iPad Killers

Over the past year or so manufacturers in Shenzhen have put together some pretty terrible iPad clones. Thankfully they’ve realized the error of their ways and are beginning to put together some solid Tablets. We’ve come across one Tablet that has a real chance of going toe to toe with the iPad in the ring. Strange thing is…unlike most Shanzhai tablets, it runs Windows 7.