What Will The Future iWorld Be Like With iPhone 44G? (Video)

Every year in June for the last few years Apple has released a new iPhone like clock work at WWDC. Although it seems they may not be this year I still have confidence that in 40 years, the iPhone 44 will be released. Charlie Custer, resident geek at The World of Chinese, and ChinaGeeks blogger, found an amazing video of what the iWorld will be like at that point in the future. You’ll be shocked at how awesome/awful the future seems.

Video after the jump!

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iPad Round House Kicks the Chinese Market Friday

Apple announced earlier this week that they will begin the sale of their “magical” iPad at Apple Stores and Authorized Dealers throughout China on Friday Sept, 17th. The release is welcome news to all those Chinese Apple fans out there, although personally I don’t know how I feel about buying stuff from a company whose CEO is moonlighting as a ninja.