Check Out Shenzhen’s Heavy-Duty Side, The GS30 (Updated)

Many of the tablets coming out of Shenzhen have lacked that heavy-duty feel in your hands. Well this little Shanzhai beauty is changing all that. Introducing AGSO Shenzhen Technology’s No-Name GS30 9.7″ Tablet which comes loaded up with Android 2.2. Just like the feel, the specs on this puppy are pretty heavy-duty.

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Who's Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy? C-Mid Android Tablet

Who can forget the greatest sci-fi romance of all time; when Tasha Yar bared her midriff, hooked up a SuperMan curl and took Data where no android has gone before. But actions have consequences, and after a few trips to the liqour store I got to thinking….READ MORE>>

The Wopad Tablet Released — Hands-On Review (Video!)

Production models of the Wopad have been making their way out in to the world and a few lucky (insert derogatory term here) have gotten their hands on them. This “next generation” shanzhai tablet has got many people riled up, and hopefully in Apple’s case, worried. Best news of all…you can get your own hands on it now!

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The WoPad, Welcome To The Next Generation of Shanzhai Tablets

Since the release of the iPad, Shanzhai manufacturers have been doing their best to make more affordable tablets. They’ve of course been very successful — producing some of the cheapest tablet PC’s on the planet. The only problem they’ve had is that most of what they’ve produced has been utter junk, until now. The WoPad is a glance at the next generation of Shanzhai Android tablets which have the ability to stand up against the big name brands.


Introuducing the DroiPad, the iPhone 4 for Giants

Introuducing the DroiPad, Shenzhen’s latest iPad clone. That’s right, DroiPad. It seems that Chinese manufacturers have gotten sick of the million other names they’ve been naming their Shanzhai iProducts (aPad, HiPad, etc) and have begun a new trend. The creators of the DroiPad also added a bit of a twist to their tablet.


Shenzhen Manufacturers Are Training Better iPad Killers

Over the past year or so manufacturers in Shenzhen have put together some pretty terrible iPad clones. Thankfully they’ve realized the error of their ways and are beginning to put together some solid Tablets. We’ve come across one Tablet that has a real chance of going toe to toe with the iPad in the ring. Strange thing is…unlike most Shanzhai tablets, it runs Windows 7.


New Heavyweight Tablet Contender (Video!)

Over the last few months we’ve see many a Tablet PC which have tried to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPad, and most quite unsuccessfully, until now. We’ve finally found a Chinese Shanzhai tablet that may be the first to be capable of putting up a real fight against the iPad’s onslaught, and it’s in a totally different weight category.

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“Rational Customer” to Wait 60 Hours for iPad – UPDATED!

Now we’re not sure if you’ve heard, but Chinese people tend to get stuck in lines (ie: longest traffic jam in history). Unlike most people, Mr. Han is happy to line up, and has been doing so in front of the San Li Tun Apple store in Beijing since 10PM on Tuesday night. All this in anticipation of the official release of the iPad in China on Friday at 10AM. If our math is correct (which it rare) this means that Mr. Han will have been waiting for 60 hours when he finally gets his prize.


iPad Round House Kicks the Chinese Market Friday

Apple announced earlier this week that they will begin the sale of their “magical” iPad at Apple Stores and Authorized Dealers throughout China on Friday Sept, 17th. The release is welcome news to all those Chinese Apple fans out there, although personally I don’t know how I feel about buying stuff from a company whose CEO is moonlighting as a ninja.


Attack of the (iPad) Clones!

As trends go, there isn’t much that’s trendier than Apple products. The iPad is the latest Apple fad, and people will do just about anything to get their hands on some sort of Tablet PC these days…unlike me. Chinese tech companies such as Ramos and Hainer have caught on and are riding on the coat-tails of Apple’s marketing machine, and boy what a machine it is. Their tablet PC products are a few of the most anticipated clones that are hitting the market.