DigiWars: You’re Finally Here? The Android Abuse Begins

The Android abuse begins this week with our fourth translated installment of the DigiWars comic by ZenithKnight. This week it’s all about tablets, and it looks like the iPad has got some pretty stiff competition.

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Chinese Take Shanzhai To New Heights…Literally

I’m not sure if I’ve ever said this before, but to be completely honest I really do love some of the Shanzhai products that hit the market. I appreciate what the reverse-engineers and manufacturers are trying to do — even if they fail more often than not — but these latest knockoffs are just ridiculous. FIGHTER JETS….WTF!?

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Chinese Internet Superpowers QQ and 360 Go To War!

The Chinese characters on the QQ fist translated means “If there is you, there can’t be me.”

A war has just broken out in China between internet giants Tenecent Technology and Qihoo Technology which will likely effect millions here. Tenecent, otherwise known as “QQ”, is by far the most popular instant messaging service in China with more registered users than the population of the United States (500 million +) and more than 1 Billion registered screen names. Qihoo, the owners of the 360 line of anti-virus software, has made allegations that QQ has in fact been stealing their own users private information which has prompted to QQ to retaliate.