Ubuntu Tablet On It’s Way! (Video)

The Chinese have realized that tablets are the way of the future, and looking at way to catch up with the rest of the world. The announcement of the upcoming release of the P07 (Winpad) means that we’ll be seeing our first Chinese tablet running Ubuntu, an alternative OS to Android, iOS, and Windows. GizChina were the first to post the leaked shots, and get us all the specs. Now they’ve got the first hands-on video of this hot new prospect.

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Fighter Jet Engine + Fire Truck = Awesome (Video)

Introducing China’s latest mega-gadget in the never-ending battle against high-rise fires, a turbo-jet powered water gun! This monstrosity can pump out a cool 4 tons of water per minute with a range of 400 Feet in almost 360 degrees, and a cost of an ice-cold 3 Million RMB (~US $455,838). The one in this picture is located in Luoyang, Henan Province, and their 3 Mil has bought them piece of mind I’m sure I hope.

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2nd Gen. Apple Peel 520 Hands On (Video)

Earlier this month we reported that Yosion Technology, the creators of the Apple Peel 520, have announced that they’ll be releasing a second generation of their popular device. Well, Yosion has been kind enough to release a bit of video of some hands-on action with this sweet piece of tech. The latest generation Apple Peel comes with a few added features, including room for both the back and front facing cameras on the latest generation iPod Touch. Best of all, it seems that the added GPRS capability works, making the transformation from iTouch to iPhone even more seamless.

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Chinese Authorities Crackdown on Shanzhai in Shenzhen (Video)

It’s been reported that there was a crackdown on Shanzhai phone factories last week in Shenzhen. The authorities confiscated more than 4800 Shanzhai phones and 8000 units of other Shanzhai hardware. 9 people were also arrested in the raids for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement. Could this be the beginning of the end for Shanzhai knockoffs?

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Awesome Android Model Kicks Ass (Video)

This one’s for all the Android Fan boys and girls out there like me. Have you wanted to get your hands on one of those sweet little Android models, but have can’t come up with a real good reason to actually spend the money on one? Well I’ve finally found a reason, and yes you can copy me if you’d like. This Android model’s ass will make it the life of the party for sure!

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