Chinese Pirate A Ridiculous Amount Of Microsoft Software

China is on track to become the largest PC market in the world this year. Last year it was second only to the US, and it’s supposed to grow to at least match that of the US this year. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the market is only yielding 1/20th of the revenue that the US market is. This is in large part due to the fact that approximately 78% of PC software installed in China in 2010 was pirated.

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Knockoff HTC HD7 Comes With Knockoff Windows Phone 7

The Shanzhai developers in Shenzhen are known for creating some pretty excellent looking HTC knockoffs, but Windows Phone 7 has never gotten any love. Well with this latest HTC HD7 knockoff they’ve created a Windows Phone 7 look-a-like UI for the Windows 6.5 operating system it actually runs on. It may only look like a WP7 phone, but under the hood it sure is built like one.

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The HTC HD2 and the HOT HD9 – Which Is Which?

It’s become obvious that HTC’s popularity has begun to grow in China with the release of some of their latest smartphones on to the market here. This has been reflected in the amount of knockoff HTC phones we’re starting to see. Like with the iPhone 4, in China the more popular the product, the more clones Shanzhai manufacturers try to make. The HOT HD9 — a new HTC HD2 knockoff — is a perfect example of this trend. If the rumored specs are true, it packs a serious punch too.