Winter Wednesdays — Perfect Gadget for the White Collar Popsicle

With temperatures continuing to drop (global warming my ass!) people are beginning to freeze to death in offices all over the world! Ok, not really, but it could totally happen… To deal with this Winter madness we’ve found another great warm gadget to keep you defrosted at work. It could also make a great addition to your travel bag…(i.e. you won’t have to worry about freezing your butt off in the corner of some damn airport when your flight gets cancelled because of a little snow! I’m not bitter…can you tell?)

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Winter Wednesdays — USB Powered Heated Mug

It’s starting to get significantly colder in certain parts of the world, and that means staying warm is becoming a daily priority. For the Chinese, one of the best ways to go about doing this is with a massive thermos of tea, a bit of hot pot, or some roasted sweet potatoes — my personal favorite. Unfortunately not all of these cold remedies are readily available to everyone…suckers. We’ve found a sweet solution for those looking to warm up in the office. This neat little gadget will heat your drink up to a balmy 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and keep you warm, all via your spare USB port.


Winter Wednesdays – USB Powered Heated Slippers

For all of you out there freezing your butts off in some corner of the world we’ve got more winter gadgets to keep you warm. Starting today, every Wednesday we’ll bring you the latest in Chinese winter gadgets for your enjoyment! And yes, I know the name Winter Wednesdays is lame. My editor and I had a heated icicle battle (the best murder weapon btw) but the old man says the name stays. Fine since when he dies I inherit this WHOLE BLOG.

Introducing the shanzhai Paul Frank, USB powered, heated slippers! These things are super comfy and are just the thing to keep your feet warm while you’re busy playing plants vs. zombies working hard either at the office or at home! I don’t know about you, but I love monkeys and warm feet. Wait, that came out wrong…

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Free Willy Warmed Your Heart, This Will Warm Your Hands

It’s now winter in the northern hemisphere, and that means long cold days — Unless of course you’re somewhere warm. In which case, can I live with you? No? FINE, be that way! For those of you dealing with harsh winter conditions, we’re going to begin bringing you the latest in winter gadgets from the gadgets republic, starting with this. It’s a cute little heated mouse pad which is USB powered so you never have to worry about batteries. It takes about ten minutes to reach the peak comfortable heating temperature. If you’ve got poor blood circulation like me this could be a cool addition to your set up. Best of all, you’ll have a WHALE of a good time. See what I did there? Man, I’m so awesome!

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