10-inch Wopad Hits the Market

Back in December we told you about the 7-inch Wopad tablet that was a glimpse at “The Next Generation” of Shanzhai tablets. Well the guys over at GizChina have brought news of the latest 10-inch Wopad to hit the market.

Check out all the info over at GizChina.

The Wopad Tablet Released — Hands-On Review (Video!)

Production models of the Wopad have been making their way out in to the world and a few lucky (insert derogatory term here) have gotten their hands on them. This “next generation” shanzhai tablet has got many people riled up, and hopefully in Apple’s case, worried. Best news of all…you can get your own hands on it now!

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The WoPad, Welcome To The Next Generation of Shanzhai Tablets

Since the release of the iPad, Shanzhai manufacturers have been doing their best to make more affordable tablets. They’ve of course been very successful — producing some of the cheapest tablet PC’s on the planet. The only problem they’ve had is that most of what they’ve produced has been utter junk, until now. The WoPad is a glance at the next generation of Shanzhai Android tablets which have the ability to stand up against the big name brands.