The HTC HD2 and the HOT HD9 – Which Is Which?

Posted by Greg | December 10, 2010  |  1 Comment

It’s become obvious that HTC’s popularity has begun to grow in China with the release of some of their latest smartphones on to the market here. This has been reflected in the amount of knockoff HTC phones we’re starting to see. Like with the iPhone 4, in China the more popular the product, the more clones Shanzhai manufacturers try to make. The HOT HD9 — a new HTC HD2 knockoff — is a perfect example of this trend. If the rumored specs are true, it packs a serious punch too.

Like the HTC HD2, the HOT HD9 comes with a massive 4.3″ 480×800 pixel capacitive touchscreen, great for all your video viewing needs. Its reported Qualcomm 8250B 1Ghz processor, 512MB ROM and 488MB RAM allow it to be quick while staying stable. The phone also comes with dual-OS’, and with these specs it should be able to run either Android 2.2 or WP6.5 smoothly. It supports up to 32GB of memory with the addition of an SD card, and supports 3D acceleration, which makes it ideal for storing and playing all kinds of mobile games. Considering all this and its 8.1 megapixel camera, the 1980 RMB (~US $300) price tag isn’t too shabby.

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Sources: PCOnline via ClonedInChina

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