The Worlds First “True” Projector Phone Shows Up in Shenzhen (Video!)

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The world’s first bona fide projector phone has shown up on the streets of the Shanzhai Captial of the world. If you want a peek at what the future cell phones could look like then you’ve GOT to check this out.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of prototypes and concepts of phones with the ability to turn any room we wanted in to our own personal movie theater, but have been unable to fulfill our dreams of owning one. That is all now a thing of the past thanks to the Tuangou Jia Shanzhai Factory releasing the S600.

The S600 is a result of the international development of micro-projection technology and the joint development of Germany’s Fraunhofer IPMS projector phone by Fraunhofer and Tuangou Jia factory. Like most things, the S600 started as a “concept”, but thanks to this partnership the phone has finally begun to go in to mass production.

The S600 comes with a 2.2″ screen itself, but its projector can display images and videos in high definition on your wall up to 100″. The optimum projection distance is between .3 and 2.5 meters, but with an effective range of up to 5 meters (in the right lighting of course) the projector is something to be marveled. The phone supports all types of media formats including RMVB and AVI video to allow for video playback of uploaded movies. On top of that the light source is a cold LED so the heat put off is very low, and as a result the projector lens has a life of 20,000+ hours.

The phone’s got a pretty cool futuristic look to it, although somewhat “boxy”, and is just as tough as feels. The one slight downside to the S600 is that although the projector is super tiny, the phone is still a bit bulky. It fits easily in to your pockets, but won’t exactly go unnoticed by those around you.

Overall we were very impressed by the S600 and it’s functionality, but there’s something that gave us even more of a reason to like it. For a limited time the Tuangou Jia factory has decided to sell its products at a huge markdown. The S600 retails at RMB 2480 (approximately US$ 370), but for now it’s on sale for only RMB 799 (approximately US$ 120). This deal only lasts until October 14th, whereafter the phone will be sold for the original retail price. If you’re blown away by what you see (like us) you can get it here through the Shanzhaiji site, but the supplies are limited so hurry!

Pretty sweet promo video and more pics below:

Sources: Shanzhaiji

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