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View of Tiananmen Square from China national Day 2009

First of all, Happy National Day China! The PRC was founded 61 years ago today, so bust out your fortune cookies and go nuts!

Today we’re starting this new column called “This Week in the Gadgets Republic”. For all of you out there who like to keep up to date with latest Tech news in China, but are just too darn lazy to actually go search for it yourself, we’ve done the work for you…you’re welcome.

iPhone 4 Release
Last weekend saw the release of the iPhone 4 (officially) in China. People lined up for hours to be some of the first (few million) to own an official iPhone 4. We’ve got some pretty classic photos and videos from the event. – GadgetsRepublic

HTC Press Conference
HTC has set a date for their big press conference here in China where they’re expected to make some pretty big announcements. Fingers crossed that they release the HD Desire! – GadgetsRepublic

Apple Peel 520
The latest accessory for the iTouch, the Apple Peel 520, transforms it into an iPhone! – GadgetsRepublic

China’s High Speed Trains
China’s new high speed train system has just set the world record, again. You’ve never seen trees fly past your window this fast before. – Xin Hua News

Mobile Phone Users in China Reaches 1.1 Billion
China’s number of mobile phone users has reached a staggering 1.1 BILLION, so if you aren’t invested in Chinese phone companies, it’s about time you should be. – China Daily

Gates and Buffet and Chinese Billioaires
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet held a billionaires banquet in Beijing to promote philanthropy. Share the wealth people! – China Daily

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