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The Sky is falling, the Sky is falling!
Debris from the Chinese latest Satellite rocket, the Chang’e II, fell without notice on unsuspecting Chinese villages. Luckily no one was injured in the – Endgaget

6 million computers hit by some crazy virus in china
A super virus hit over 6 million personal computers and more than a 1000 corporate computers in China, stealing all kinds of information and sending it to a *cough, CIA, cough* server in the US. – Xinhua

Foxconn Employees have a huge party to show how much they love their company

Foxconn increases its (depressed) workers wages
Foxconn, otherwise known as Apple’s life-partner, has given its employees in one of its south China factories a 66% bringing their monthly salary up to 2,000 yuan (about US$ 300). – Xinhua

German media claims 40k Chinese Hackers
After a hacker attack on the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs last month, German media outlets have made claims that there are over 40,000 hackers in China. – MICGadget

Apple Cancels iPhone 4 Orders For Customers in Hong Kong
For no reason, Apple recently cancelled all online orders of the iPhone 4 in Hong Kong. It is believed however that these cancellations have something to do with the fact that many people have been abusing the unlimited purchases policy for the iPhone. – UnwireHK

Apple puts major restrictions on iPhone 4 sales
After many of the abuse of the unlimited purchases rule for the iPhone 4 at Apple stores in China recently, Apple has decided to add major restrictions in the sales of the iPhone 4 so as to curb Grey Market resales. – MICGadget

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