This Week in the Gadgets Republic

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This week in the Gadgets Republic!

The Latest Foxconn News

Earlier last week a report was leaked from within Foxconn exposing reports of abuse and mistreatment in their factories. Well this week foxconn has been trying to deal with the mess by explaining away the report, somewhat unsuccessfully. – Gizmodo

iOS 4.1 breaks out of jail!

For all those iPhone 4/iPod Touch users out there using iOS 4.1, your days of paying for apps are over…if you want. Someone has finally figured out how to jailbreak your tech. – Engadget

Darth Vader Shuts Down Production of the M8

Popular Chinese cell phone company, Meizu, has been forced to shut down the production of the popular M8 smartphone. This was done by the local State Intellectual Property Office in China, all at the behest of the evil empire.

News from the P&T EXPO COMM China 2010

This week the highly anticipated P&T EXPO COMM China 2010 took place in Beijing. Companies from all over the world showed off the latest in mobile tech, and we’ve got some of the highlights. – GadgetsRepublic

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