This Week in the Gadgets Republic

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This Week in the Gadgets Republic!

Apple Store Opens its Online Doors to the Chinese

Chinese Apple addicts have already got a couple of eye-catching physical stores to buy their Jobs-blessed goods in; now the company has thrown open the virtual doors on an online store. Found at, the new store Apple’s full range of devices as far as we can tell, with the iPod shuffle kicking off at RMB 398 ($60), the iPhone 4 from RMB 3999 ($598) and the new MacBook Air from RMB 7998 ($1,196). [Apple via Slashgear]

The fastest train in the world begins service in China

Service has started on the worlds fastest bullet train this week in China. The super fast train can hit a top speed of 416.6 Km/h and the new route brings the length of China’s high-speed railways in operation to 7,431 kilometers, which is the longest in the world.

China Leaves The World in It’s Cyber Dust

China started up the Tianhe-1A supercomputer earlier this week. The monstrous computer has helped China overtake the US as the country with the fastest computer on the planet. Not sure if anyone’s counting…but China has got TWO of the fastest things in the world!

Intel Has Begun Production at It’s Brand Spanking New Chinese Plant

Intel has begun production of processors and other devices at it’s brand new Fab plant in NE China. Dubbed Fab 68, the plant is in fact the first Intel plant to be built anywhere in Asia.

More Troubling News Surfaces About Working Conditions at Apple Manufacturers

A report was released this week which shed more light on the troubling working conditions that Apple product makers have faced. Workers in a Chinese plant have been recovering in a local hospital from symptoms related to exposure to an extremely toxic chemical used to clean the glass used in Apple devices. Some of the workers are even unable to walk after their exposure.

First Multi-OS Smartphone hits the market

Chinese phone maker Tops has introduced the A1, which is the first Multi-OS phone to hit the market. The OS must be selected when you power up the phone, and the OS’s cannot run simultaneously, but this is still a step towards the future…hopefully.

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