This Week in the Gadgets Republic

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This Week in the Gadgets Republic!

China’s Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun

A few days ago Chinese cellphones began turning in to zombies. There have been attacks all over the country and nearly 1 million cellphones are now suspected to be infected with the Zombie virus. That number is growing…are you next? [Shanghai Daily]

The Hanvon Color E-Book Reader To Hit The Market in February 2011

Hanvon has announced that it will begin selling it’s much anticipated Triton device in February 2011 with a price tag of 3,500 RMB (US $530). The 9.7″ E-Book reader features E Ink Holding’s latest color e-paper, allowing the Triton to show books, magazines and the like in full color while using miraculously little battery. The company is now accepting pre-orders. [Digitimes]

ZTE’s Peel 3200 is Sprinting to the States on Sunday

Sprint has announced that it will be bringing ZTE’s version of the Yosion Apple Peel 520 to the US starting Sunday November 14th. The device turns any generation iTouch in to a full fledged iPhone with 3G wireless service along with phone capabilities. The ZTE Peel will cost only $80, while a contract free data plan will be available from Sprint for only $40 a month. Read more…

Tenecent and 360 Are Scolded By The Chinese Government

Warring Chinese technology companies QQ and 360 have been scolded by the Chinese government for causing their users so much grief over the last couple weeks. Both companies are now trying to run damage control and have apologized to customers for possible inconveniences. [Financial Times]

MSN Merges With China’s Larget Online News Portal, Sina

On Thursday November, 11th China’s largest online news portal, Sina, merged with MSN. Sina is also one of China’s leading microblogging sites, and the two companies are planning to begin merging all of their instant messaging tools and blogs starting from today. This merger should help MSN grow in China’s internet industry where it’s currently being outmatched by instant messengers like Tenecent’s QQ. [Tech.Sina via Financial Times]

Sprint Drops Huawei and ZTE Over National Security Concerns

Earlier this week Sprint announced that it was dropping Chinese technology companies Huawei and ZTE from the running for a contract potentially worth billions of dollars. This came after Sprint’s CEO was warned by the US Government that having the companies supply phones could potentially pose national security risks. Read more…

Chinese Government Admits iDevice Tax Is Too High

Chinese officials admitted this week that the tax of 1000 RMB (US $150) they had been charging for bringing your iDevices across the border is too high. The Department of Commerce released a statement saying that they are looking in to the issue and will possibly be making changes to the rules. Read more…

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