This Week in the Gadgets Republic – Apple Gets Sued, and More Trouble at Foxconn

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This Week in the Gadgets Republic!

Lawsuits Filed Against Apple and the Patent Bureau in China
A Chinese company has filed a lawsuit against Apple and the Chinese Patent Bureau, claiming that Apple’s iPhone patent is invalid. Read More>>>

China Designs and Builds Its First Jumbo Jet
China has designed and built it’s first ever commercial jet, the C919. The jet could be taking off by as early as 2014 and be delivered to airlines for commercial use by 2016. Read More>>>

Foxconn Workers Protest Over Pay, Foxconn Denies The Protest Happened
Foxconn workers protested this week over a pay dispute. Foxconn has come out and denied that the protest ever took place. [Kotaku]

Fire Broke Out At Foxconn Hostel
A fire broke out at a Foxconn hostel in ShenZhen, Southern China, this week. The Chinese government had restricted local media from reporting on the event so there has been little news on casualties or the extent of the fire. No news is available yet on what effects this may have on Foxconn’s product of Apple goods. [MICGadget]

China Unicom Will Release Its Own Phone By Years-End
China Unicom has announced that it will be releasing its own brand of smartphone by the end of this year, called the Uphone. Read More>>>

Some Chinese Schools To Begin Using Cell Phones To Teach
Researchers at a Chinese University have developed a program for using cell phones to teach students. This may be implemented in schools in rural China where teachers and teaching materials are scarce. Read More>>>

420M People In China Have Internet Access, 99% Use Baidu For Search
Baidu is China’s most used online search engine with over 99% of Chinese internet users searching via the website. With more than 420 million web users in China, it makes Baidu one of the most used search engines in the world. [Techcrunch]

Sharp Plans 3D Smartphones for US, China and India in 2011
Sharp has announced that it plans to release a line of 3D smartphones in the China, India, and the US in 2011. Just something to get excited about… [Engadget]

China Telecom Denies US Web Hijack Allegations
China Telecom has denied allegations that earlier this year it used it’s strength “hijack” US web traffic. More information about the alleged hijacking is available at Gizmodo. [Yahoo News]

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