This Week in the Gadgets Republic – I Get Sick, and Other News! [Updated]

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This Week in the Gadgets Republic!

I was sick! Crazy right!? Like you, I thought I was invincible! Sorry about the lack of posts everyone, but lets just say I was rather incapacitated. I should be back to my dumb-ass normal self by next week. Not to fear though, I’ve still had an eye on what’s been going on and have got some news for you!

Man Builds Egg Shaped Eco Home, Is Evicted By Government in TWO days Soon After
A young designer in Beijing who was fed up with paying his ‘overpriced’ rent decided to build himself an egg shaped eco home, which turned out to be pretty awesome. Unfortunately the local authorities ruled that it was an illegal structure and have told him it must be removed. [ChinaHush, 2]

[Update] The student had actually been living in the home for 2 months before authorities were tipped by the media attention.
Thanks Starr for informing me of my error!

Students Meet on QQ to Commit Suicide, Tenecent held 10% responsible
Two Chinese students who met using QQ, the most popular IM service on the planet, attempted to commit suicide together. One succeeded and the courts have ruled that the service is 10% responsible his death. Tenecent, QQ’s parent company, will have to pay damages to the family of the student who went through with the suicide.
[Netease via ChinaHush]

Ship Sinks in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor
A sinking ship in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor caused a ruckus this week as many residents were frightened by the sight. Reports poured in to the local police department as many of the residents failed to realize that this was a planned sinking of the ship which is being used a a sea wall. [WSJ]

China Unicom Permanently Bundles iPhone 4 and SIM
China Unicom, one of China’s largest mobile service providers, has permanently bundled their stock of iPhones with their SIM cards. All this in “attempt to safeguard the interests of the company and customers to the largest extent, in order to offer a healthy and orderly market environment,” according to Song Limei, the vice president of China Unicom’s sales division. What he really means is that he’s sick of people buying the iPhone 4 and then using other (better) service providers. [Xinhua via MICGadget]

Chinese High Speed Train Breaks the World Speed Record…Again!
China’s CRH380A high speed train has broken the world record with a top speed of 484.1 Km/h while on route from ZaoZhuang City in Shandong Province to Bengbu City in Anhui Province. That’s a an incredible 69.5 Km/h faster than the previous world record set by a high speed train traveling from Shanghai to Hangzhou in September. I know…it’s getting old, but it’s still an impressive feat! [Crienglish via GizChina]

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