This Week in the Gadgets Republic — Santa Claus Makes A Beijing Stop, And More!

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This Week in the Gadgets Republic!

Sober Santa Claus Makes A Stop In Beijing
In the spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus has been making stops throughout Beijing in an effort to spread Christmas Cheer. Unlike the Santas at theBeijing 2010 SantaConwhich was awesome by the way — this Santa was sober.

China to surpass Japan in R&D Spending
China is projected to overtake Japan in total Reasearch & Development spending in the new year. Hopefully some of the money will go towards innovations like we’ve seen with the Meizu M9, but I’m not holding my breath.

Chinese Creating Their Own Windows Like OS For Government Use
The Chinese Military and Civil sectors of the government are beginning cooperation on a computer operating system for the government to use. The OS will be used to replace Windows and sure up the countries net security. I think this is sort of preemptive defense against possible retaliation by the US for China’s own attacks on US systems, but I’m no expert.

4G Service To Go Online in 2012
It seems that China may begin using their own version of 4th Generation mobile service starting as soon as 2012. Large scale commercial testing of the system is supposed to begin sometime next year, but mainly only in cities located in the Pearl and Yangtze river deltas. We can never catch a break here in Beijing!

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