This Week in the Gadgets Republic – Shanzhai Fighter Jets, The Real Housewives of China, and more!

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This Week in the Gadgets Republic!

Chinese Are Making Shanzhai Fighter Jets
The Wall Street Journal pointed out this week that tablets and phones aren’t the only things shanzhai coming out of China. Apparently they’ve begun to manufacture knockoff Russian fighter jets and will most likely sell them at a reduced cost, thereby undercutting Russia in the arms market.

Homeless Beijing Man Slices On His iPad
A local Beijing homeless man drew quite a crowd the other day as he showed off his awesome fruit slicing skillz on his iPad. Either Santa Claus came early to China this year or I’m in the wrong line of work.

Housewive iPad Smugglers Caught
The Real Stupid Housewives of China were busted this week trying to smuggle in hundreds of cellphones and iPads. The women attempted to smuggle around 950,000 RMB (~US $143,000) worth of goods and were only making a profit of 200 RMB (~US $30) each. They said they were doing it make a little extra cash — probably for all therapy they need to talk about their “problems”.
[Newpad via MICGadget]

Chinese Shanzhai Designers Called “Innovative”
A Chinese government official has been quoted as saying that “innovative elements” of fake products should be protected and encouraged, instead of being squashed without consideration of their intellectual property value. Although we sort of agree, we think that encouraging IP theft is kind of…idiotic.

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