Where them kids at?!? P007 GPS Tracker

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You all remember the 90′s comedy classic First Kid, but losing your kids is no joke! After all, they’re the future! Don’t you care about the future? No? Well, how about your car? Now I’ve got your attention.

Yes it looks like a pager; but this little box is more C.I.A.than C U TONITE. It’s time to review the P007 Portable GPS Tracker. Stick in a SIM Card, call it up, and it’ll text you back its coordinates. No hefty installation required (being a cheapo Shanzhai product has its benefits). The makers didn’t feel the need to mess around with their own mapping software. Instead, they encourage you to download Google Earth (free) type in the latitude and longitude the tracker gives you, and you’ll be violating privacy in no time.

The tracker comes with a user manual full of commands, so you can program it with texts from your cellphone. First thing you’ll want to do is set a new six digit password. You need the password to interact with the tracker, ensuring strangers won’t get in on your spy game. By texting further instructions, you can tell the tracker to notify you when it leaves a certain zone, when it moves at a certain speed, and a host of other useful options.

“Hey it’s awfully pricey for a homing device, why don’t you shove it?”. Take a closer look friend, and you’ll find a built-in mic and speaker. Yes it also functions as a phone, but there’s a catch. You can only dial out to the three numbers you program into it. If you have a child and don’t want them butt-dialing Tokyo, there’s your solution. In DANGER? You can push the tracker’s SOS button while assuming the fetal position. This will not only dial the emergency number you’ve programmed, but automatically text out the tracker’s location.

Time to judge. It can be a pain in the ass having to text in your commands, but on the other hand you can program it anytime and from any where. The coordinates the tracker sends you are JUST accurate enough to stalk someone famous, though you won’t know which room they’re in once they’ve entered a building. The phone’s speaker is quiet but works fine. Car get stolen? Hide this under the seat next time. You can trace the thieves back to their lair and Bat-A-Rang them. The tracker’s probably lightweight enough to stick to a pet, but I didn’t want to cramp my cat’s style. So to wrap this up, if you’re in the market for a tracking device, and have a spare GPRS friendly SIM card kicking around, check out the P007 Portable GPS Tracker. A fun way to violate privacy (I mean keep track of loved ones).

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