Wine Makers/Drunks Develop The MOPS Android Gaming Phone

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The development of Android as a mobile gaming OS has been on the up and up, which I’m happy about. Until now though, I’d never seen a supposedly dedicated gaming Android phone that actually had an potential. Well it seems that developers just needed a bit of assistance from our good buddy alcohol to come up with a brilliant design.

The guys over at Zhang Yu Aifei International Wineries in Beijing (probably while a bit wasted) came up with this. The MOPS Phantom of the Opera T800 (see, wasted…) Android gaming phone. It clearly based on the Nokia N8 design, just with a few added pieces of hardware to make it a truly dedicated gaming device.

As you can see, when in landscape mode it looks quite a bit like the a shrunken version of the old PSP device. Instead of a D-pad, the Phantom of the Opera (can’t get over how hilarious that name is…) comes with a pretty sweet analog joystick. On the right you’ve got the typical diamond organized control buttons. It’s got a nice 3.5-inch capacitive screen that runs on top of a dedicated 806Mhz CPU, 512mb RAM and a separate graphics GPU, which should give it all the power you need.

MOPS are planning to have the T800 Phantom of the Opera gaming phone on the market soon at a price of 2680 Yuan (~US$ 412) which is roughly the same as the Meizu M9, and half the price of an iPhone 4 (in China)!
There will be 3 colour choices in total. Black and red (shown here), white and and gold!

Head over to GizChina to find out more!

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Sources: Shanzhaiji via GizChina

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