Winter Wednesdays – USB Powered Heated Slippers

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For all of you out there freezing your butts off in some corner of the world we’ve got more winter gadgets to keep you warm. Starting today, every Wednesday we’ll bring you the latest in Chinese winter gadgets for your enjoyment! And yes, I know the name Winter Wednesdays is lame. My editor and I had a heated icicle battle (the best murder weapon btw) but the old man says the name stays. Fine since when he dies I inherit this WHOLE BLOG.

Introducing the shanzhai Paul Frank, USB powered, heated slippers! These things are super comfy and are just the thing to keep your feet warm while you’re busy playing plants vs. zombies working hard either at the office or at home! I don’t know about you, but I love monkeys and warm feet. Wait, that came out wrong…

Check out the winter gadgets we’ve already looked at ~ Winter Gadgets!

What a blatant Paul Frank rip-off…love it

Check these puppies out for yourself here!

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